How to Apply

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How should I submit my application?

The Bridgespan Group requires that all applications be submitted via our online application system. We do not accept applications submitted by e-mail or post.

What should I include when I apply?

The Bridgespan Group requires a resumé and cover letter from all candidates upon submission.

Cover letters may be addressed to Kerry Oliver, Director of Recruiting.

You must submit your cover letter and resumé in a single PDF document to be considered for a position.

Can I apply to more than one US office?

We ask that you apply to your top office preference, you will also be asked to list your second and third office preferences. If you are interested in only one office, do not select a second or third office preference.

Can I reapply if I applied for a position last year?

You may submit an application even if you have previously applied to The Bridgespan Group. If you have recently interviewed, we ask that you wait 18 months before reapplying.

I have submitted my application. What is the next step?

Your resumé will be reviewed by a recruiting committee and compared to all other submissions for your desired office and position. Based on the qualifications of candidates and the specific office's hiring needs, a select number of applicants are extended an invitation to interview. If you are selected to participate in the interview process, a member of our recruiting team will contact you to schedule your interviews. If you are not selected for an interview, you will be contacted via e-mail.

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