Preparing for Your Consulting Interview

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What is the interviewing process like?

Bridgespan's interview process involves a combination of case interviews and behavioral interviews.

In first rounds, we schedule 1-2 case interviews via telephone. Final round interviews are conducted in person. Final rounds consist for 2-3 additional case interviews and one behavioral interview.

What is a case interview?

Case interviews give you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to structure your thinking, respond to complex and ambiguous problems, and reach sound conclusions. The case interview also gives you an example of the kinds of work we commonly see in strategy consulting engagements. For this reason, our interviewers prepare their interviews based on real cases. The behavioral interviews give you an opportunity to discuss specific instances when you have demonstrated relevant skills and have been challenged. It is also important for us to understand your past experience and gain an understanding of your interest in Bridgespan.

How should I prepare for the case interviews?

We suggest you practice at least 5 case interviews prior to your first interview. We also suggest that you ask a friend to help you prepare, practice walking through the case out loud as though you were in an actual case interview.

Here, you can find a Bridgespan practice cases "Better Future", "Robinson Philanthropy", "Home Nurses for New Families", "Reach for the Stars", and "Venture Philanthropy".Below, we also have a helpful video that demonstrates the case interview process along with some sample questions and answers.

In addition to the case we have provided, we encourage you to use the external resources to supplement our case materials.

Below are some helpful links to assist you in preparing for your case interviews:

You will also find it helpful to familiarize yourself with our work by reading the following articles:

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