Sudarshan (Sudy) Sampathkumar


What I care about: I grew up in a very middle class family and education was what enabled us to advance in life. I hope that every child should get the opportunity to succeed in life and not be constrained by education, health, poverty or societal impediments. Especially in India, the difference between those who have and those who don’t is quite substantial and I hope that this difference will diminish for the generations to come.

What I bring to this work: Over 30 years of work experience in ‘for profit’ consulting and private equity. After such a long period at making rich folks richer, I hope to bring my advisory, strategy and implementation experience to the not for profit space.

My favorite projects: Too early to say. But education and child welfare would be areas of passion. Eventually, advisory services are all about going beyond reports and actually creating impact and making things happen.

My expertise: Consulting encompassing strategy, performance improvement and implementation.

What I do outside the office: I spend time in photography aided by my desire to travel and see more of the world. I particularly like to spend time sighting wildlife and enjoy the vast spaces that pure nature provides. I also am writing a few short stories based on true life experiences and moments that have had a deep impact on me. I treasure the time that I can spend with my two children, both of whom are now relatively grown up.

Education: I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (Electrical Engineering and Electronics) and have a PGDM (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.